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December 1, 2013
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      “- and if you call now, you could save big! So call this number at –“

     Your hand slumped against your alarm clock, successfully turning it off. Groaning, you rubbed your eyes of any sleep, and slowly hoisted yourself out of your warm cocoon of blankets. Shivering at the sudden lack of warmth, you quickly got up, or, well, as quickly as your sluggish legs could carry you, and headed into the bathroom, shutting the door behind you, and then turning on the shower.

     Once you had peeled all of your clothes off, you carefully placed yourself under the warm water, letting it fall on your exposed skin, and then to roll down into the drain below. Letting out a content sigh, you stayed like that for who knows how long, just letting your limbs warm up and for your eyes to become more alert. Despite getting to bed early the night before, you were still tired, for you had missed so much sleep that getting extra almost did no good. Almost. If anything, it put you in a better mood, which was something you weren’t going to complain about.

     Deciding it was probably time to get the ball rolling, you proceeded with your shower, washing your hair and whatever else needed to be done.

     As you turned the water off and pulled the curtain back, you instantly shivered at the sudden presence of cold air. Grabbing your towel, you quickly wrapped it around yourself, trying to block out the cold air from hitting your warm skin. You sighed lightly as you sat down on the toilet seat, sliding the towel up and down your legs and arms, ridding your skins surface of any water. You then went out of your bathroom and into your bedroom, pulling out some clothes to wear for the day. (Take this moment to think about your outfit.)

     After you were dressed, you towel dried your hair the best you could, and then brushed it, getting all of the knots and tangles out. Nodding in approval at yourself in the mirror, you stuffed whatever you needed into your backpack for the day, grabbed your coat, and headed down the stairs, where you met your mother and father also getting ready for their day.

     In a ‘normal’ family, your parents would have greeted you, asked you how you slept or how you were feeling, or maybe even given you a hug. But you had no ‘normal’ family. Your parents said nothing to you as you grabbed whatever you usually ate for breakfast, and then sat at the kitchen table, eating in an uncomfortable silence.

     Soon, you were done with your breakfast, and it was time for you to go. Putting your dishes away, you didn’t even bid your parents farewell, and nor did they bid you farewell, as you headed out into the dark morning to school. As soon as you opened your front door, a wave of heatless air hit you, instantly causing you to pull your coat tighter around you and pull your sleeves over your glove clad hands. You puffed out a breath of air, watching in contentment as it came out as a plume of smoke. As you walked, your backpack hit up against your back, causing a soft thudding sound to continuously repeat itself with every step. Sighing, you sped up a little, wanting to be out of the cold and at school already.

     After a long, 50 minute lonely walk to school, you finally arrived, the sun just beginning to light up the cloudless sky. Pushing the schools doors open, you breathed a sigh of relief at the instant warmth, welcoming it as it swirled around you, warming your frozen nose. The halls were already beginning to get crowed, students swarming into the building to get to their first classes on time. You carefully made your way to the other side of the building, not wanting to get shouldered or elbowed by another student. You safely made it to your first classroom, smiling slightly when you realized you were even a few minutes early.

    You just hoped the rest of the day would go as well as the morning had.




     “And that’s all I’ve got for this lesson!” Your teacher concluded, a bright but weary smile on his face. “Now, if everyone would just remain seated for a minute, I’ll pass out everyone’s test that we took on Monday,” Some student’s groaned, others fist pumped. You were one of those that groaned. You watched anxiously as the teacher slowly handed everyone their graded tests. Your fear grew when you noticed some of the looks on your classmates’ faces. Even the smart ones were groaning whilst rubbing at their face, not at all happy with their results.

     Finally, the teacher reached you. He gave you a look of pity before slowly sliding the paper onto your desk. You mirrored his look with pure fear, before slowly glancing down at your test, heart stopping at what was written.


     You stared wordlessly at the numbers, tears slowly forming in your eyes. Quickly catching yourself, you blinked your eyes rapidly, willing the tears to retreat. Swallowing the lump in your throat, it wasn’t until then that you noticed the attached note on your test.

     “Please stay after class; I wish to speak with you.”

     Great. Not only did you fail your test, but now your teacher was going to give you a lecture. Just what you needed.

     You sat silently as the bell rang, signaling that class was over and was now lunch period. You just stared blankly down at your graded test, not moving. You also didn’t notice when a pair of sky blue eyes sent you worried glances, wishing to ask what was wrong, but didn’t really know if he should. The pair of blue eyes decided now wasn’t the right time, since he figured that the teacher wanted to talk with you when the teacher slowly made his way over to your desk. The owner of the eyes then disappeared into the hallway, mixing along with the other students until he was hopelessly lost in the throng.

     “_____,” The teacher started, easing himself into the chair next to yours. “Is everything all right?”

     You forced yourself to nod, and slowly make eye contact with him so that he wouldn’t think you were lying. “Yeah. I’ve just been having a hard time since I’ve recently gotten a job, and it’s kind of draining.” You lied, trying not to give in to the trusting and worried look on your teacher’s face. He was a nice teacher, heck, you had him last year, too, and you trusted him, but you really didn’t know how to explain your situation, and nor did you want anyone to know.

     He sighed. “Okay.” You could tell he didn’t fully believe you, and you didn’t blame him. You wouldn’t believe you either. “If you ever need anything, though, don’t hesitate to ask. I stay after school hours in my classroom until 4:00 PM, and you’re welcome to stop by if you need help on your homework.” He smiled kindly at you, his wrinkles showing. You blinked for a moment, and then nodded, giving him a small smile, showing that you were grateful. You blinked again as a thought hit you.

     “Oh, yeah. I finished the homework from last week.” You said, quickly grabbed your backpack and shifting through it until you found your homework papers. Slipping them out, you handed them to your teacher, who took them with a proud small smile. You waited patiently as his eyes slowly scanned over the paper, his smile widening with every line.

     “I’ll give this back to you tomorrow and tell you your score, but so far the first 7 questions are correct.” He said with a proud smile, his eyes sparkling. You returned the smile, and thanked the teacher before getting up and heading to lunch. The hallways were all but empty, lunch having started 5 minutes before. You hurried to the cafeteria, getting in the small line for your food. Once getting your tray of food, you glanced around for your friends, quickly growing worried at the amount of people that were already here, making it harder to spot them. Gulping down a lump that had made its way into your throat, you slowly began to walk around, praying to whatever was out there that no one would trip you. Stopping in the middle of the cafeteria, you looked around like a lost puppy, eyes big with worry and subtle fear. You breathed in a sigh of relief when you found them a few tables away, chatted animatedly with one another. Matthew, Elizabeta, and Lili were already there, along with the Awesome Trio. You slowly made your way up to the table, and subtly sat next to Alfred, since that was the nearest place to sit down. At first, you thought no one had noticed you, given that they just kept on talking. But after a few more seconds, Alfred turned to you, shot you his pristine smile, and said, “Hey, _____!”

     Taken aback that you were actually acknowledged by him, you blinked a few times in surprise, before sheepishly realizing that all eyes had turned to you. “H-hi,” you stuttered nervously.

     Elizabeta, noticing that you were clearly uncomfortable with all of this attention, diverted it away from you. “Gil, move over, vould you?” She scolded Gilbert, lightly glaring at the Prussian.

     Gilbert rolled his eyes, but obeyed none the less, scooting away from her by about two inches. “Better?”

     Elizabeta nodded. “Yes, thank you.”

     The conversation then steered somewhere else, you not really caring where since you were too busy thinking about your failed test. What were you going to do? It wasn’t that easy to bring a grade up that was so low. At least, not without working your butt off. And you already were!

     You hoped your parents wouldn’t find out. You pondered on what would happen if they did, before deciding that you really didn’t want to. It’s not like your parents cared, anyways; they would never ask. But knowing your luck, they would ask today. But that what lying was for, right? Because if so, then you were all good, having mastered the art of lying over the years.

     You were gently driven away from your thoughts when you felt someone poke your arm. Turning your head towards the person, you found Alfred staring down at you, a questioning look on his face. He motioned to your untouched lunch tray. “Are you going to eat that…?”

     You glanced down at your lunch tray, your stomach turning at just the thought of eating any food, let alone cafeteria food. You shook your head, looking back up at Alfred. “No. I don’t think so.”

     “Then can I have it? I hate watching food go to waste.” He said, blue eyes blinking. You nodded in understanding, and pushed the tray over to him, which he gladly accepted.

     “Thanks,” He said, smiling down at you before starting to eat, wanting to finish before the bell rang. You just nodded back at him, not really feeling like smiling, even though his smile was so inviting.

     It wasn’t long until the bell rang, cutting through the chatter filled air. Everyone continued their conversations, but this time whilst packing up their lunchboxes or gathering their trash. Alfred, being the thoughtful person that he was, started to gather everyone’s trays and trash, piling it up until you thought it was going to overflow. But he somehow managed to get it to stay, and he stood up to put it all away. As you glanced at Matthew, it was then you remembered that you wanted to ask him something.

     “Oh, yeah, Matthew,” You started, pausing until his attention was averted to you. “Someone started texting me yesterday. They won’t tell me who they are, but they’re like… trying to help me, I suppose. Do you have any idea who it is?” You asked Matthew, who creased his brow in thought. Suddenly a look of realization came across his face, and he flashed a glance towards the way Alfred went, before catching himself and turning his attention back to you.

     “Can I see the number?” He asked, scooting closer to you. You nodded at you pulled your phone out of your pocket, quickly going to your messages, and tapping on the unknown person’s number. Handing the phone to Matthew, you saw his brow furrow even more, before finally shaking his head and handing the phone back.

     “No, I don’t recognize the number. Sorry,” Matthew said with a flight frown. You nodded, a slight frown of your own present on your face. Matthew seemed a little suspicious, but you really didn’t think too much of it. Alfred then came back, smiling down on you before telling Matthew it was time to head to class. Matthew nodded, shooting you a kind smile and goodbye before heading off with his twin. Sighing, you silently gathered up your things before heading out of the cafeteria and to your next class.




     You slammed the front door shut behind you, not wanting to let any more cold air in or warm air out. Even though it was in the middle of the day, and the sun was shining, it was still cold as heck outside. Shivering, you made for your bedroom, taking off your gloves on your way upstairs. Since you didn’t pass either parent when going through the kitchen, and you had glanced in the living room earlier, you assumed they were both at their jobs. Dropping your backpack on the floor next to your bed, you took your shoes off, and then your coat, putting them in their respective places. With a groan, you flopped down onto your bed, being worn out from the walk home, and the day itself. Recalling your day, you let out a depressed sigh when you remembered your failed test.

     Any ounce of happiness you had instantly vanished. What was the point of trying to pick yourself back up in your grades? You were going to fail anyhow. With a grade so low, you didn’t know if anyone would ever be able to do that all before the semester finals. Letting out another sad sigh, you rolled over on your bed, hugging your favourite pillow against yourself tightly. You should just accept it. Accept that you will fail this year, and have to go to summer school. Accept that you’ll disappoint not just your teachers, but your parents, which would ultimately result in severe punishment, since you need to get good grades to get a well-paying job to help support the family. Accept that you’re a failure.

     Your mood became worse and worse by the second, your pessimistic thoughts swallowing up any positive thought that tried to surface. A lone tear slid down your discolored cheek, and you made no move to stop it as it softly collided with your pillow, immediately soaking into it.

     You didn’t know how long it was, but after what seemed like hours your phone buzzed from its place in your back pocket. You stoically reached into your pocket, pulling your phone out and holding it up in front of your face, pushing on the home button. The phone lit up, showing a new message received from the mysterious number from the day before. Your brow furrowing slightly, you tapped on the message, causing it to open up to its full view.

     Hey! : D  How are you this afternoon?

     You blinked unenthusiastically at the text, wondering if you should tell them the truth or lie. You decided to go somewhere in the middle.

     I’m okay, I guess. How are you?

     But, unfortunately for you, he seemed to question your answer, not finding it satisfying.

     Just “okay”? Why not good, or great?

     As you typing in your next response, you got another message from him- Oh, and I’m doing good, thank you. (:

     Shaking your head, you just sent your next response.

     Yeah… I failed a test today. I’ve got too much work to do before the semester ends… I don’t think I’ll be able to do it.

     Oh, come on! Don’t be like that! You can do anything if you try! I know you’ve barely just begun, but it gets easier. I hate to bring this up, but the earlier the better. What homework and chores do you have today?

     Oh… chores… um, let me go downstairs to see if my parents left me a note… Homework, though,  I have just a little bit. Only about a third of what I had yesterday.

     Oh, that’s good! Less work! : D  And okay. You do that. (:

     Getting up off of your bed was easier said than done. You ended up having to roll off of your bed in order to get upright. Once standing, you slowly made your way downstairs and into the kitchen. There, as you suspected, you found a note from your parents on the list of chores you had to do for the day. You copied it down onto your phone, sending the message to your mystery friend.

     Sweep the kitchen floor, wash the dishes, and take out the trash – which includes the bathrooms, the kitchen, and any other trashcans around the house.

     Well, that’s not too much! None of those take a long time, unless you have a big house. What do you want to do first? Chores or homework?

     You thought for a moment. I think homework, because if I do the chores now I might tire myself out and not have the energy or concentration to do my homework.

     Good thinking! I agree. ;D Like I said yesterday, do your most important homework first, and then the others. If it doesn’t need to be done right now, then don’t feel pressured to do it; but do it if you want to! Nothing wrong with working ahead (: Text me when you’re done!

     Letting out a sigh, you shoved your phone back into your back pocket as you made your way back upstairs. Once in your room, you grabbed your backpack, unzipping it and pulling out today’s homework. Quickly scanning over the different subjects, you picked your worst subject of them and started on that one.

     After an hour, you were done. Groaning, you put your papers aside and just let your head fall back onto your pillow, landing with a soft thump. You rolled over until your face was half hidden in the pillow, your eyes lazily closed. You were about to let yourself drift off into dream world, until you remembered you had chores to do, and that if you didn’t do them, you’d be in trouble. Mentally rolling your eyes, you sat yourself up, dots dancing around your vision from sitting up too fast. When then dots passed, you grabbed for your cell phone, pulling it out and texting your friend back.

     All righty, I’m done with my homework.

     Wow, that was fast! : D  Are you going to do your chores now or later?

     You sighed. I’ll do them now. Better now than later.

     I agree. (: Can we text in between chores? I haven’t really gotten to know you, and I doubt you know anything about me.

     Yeah, that’s cool. You start…?

     Great! Hmm, let’s see… How old are you, and what year of high school are you in?

     I’m (age), (year). You?

     The same! ^o^ Your turn.

     My turn…? Umm… do you do any school activates? Like football, track, swim team…

     I do swim team! I’ve been doing it ever since middle school. What about you?

     I do (activity/nothing).

     That’s cool (: Hmmmmmmm……. Siblings? Do you have any siblings?

     No, and I’m actually glad that I don’t. You were about to add that you didn’t want any because you didn’t want them to have to go through what you were going through, but you decided to leave that part out. What about you?

     I have a brother! Twin brother, actually.

     Really? I’ve always wondered what it’s like to have a twin…

     Ahahaha, a lot of people do! I don’t think it’s that different from having a younger or older sibling, the only thing is that we are the same age. I think it’s cool, though sometimes it can get annoying. But then again, anything/anyone can get annoying after a while! xD

     Haha, true. My turn I take it?... What’s your favourite subject?

     School stuff again? :I Haha, just kidding. c: I like Science, but then again, I like History too! Especially if it’s on American history! What’s your favourite subject?

     You smiled slightly, and you felt a small warmth overcome your cold interior. I like (subject), (random reason why).

     Ohh, that’s nice! ^-^ Oh, snap, hey, I’m sorry but I have to go. D: I’ll text you later, and if not, tomorrow, okay? c: It was fun to get to know you! Ttfn, Ta-ta for now! ;D

     Ah, that’s okay. (: Yeah, likewise. Oh- one more thing; can you give me a name I can call you by? I want to add you to my contacts but I need some sort of name.

     Oh, yeah, sure! Hmm… How about “Hero”? Would that work? (;

     Haha, yeah, thanks. I’ll text you later.

     No problem, _____. c;

     You blinked at the sender’s last message, confused at how they knew your name. Shaking your head and assuming you must have told them sometime, you let the thought slide.

     It was then you realized you still hadn’t gotten up from your bed, your chores still undone. Plugging your phone into the charger, you grabbed your (musicplayer) and headed downstairs with a sigh, mentally going over your list of things to do.

Excuse me while I just forget that I was supposed to upload the second part today. //Teehee


Part 1:…

Part 2: You're here~

Part 3:…




I do not own America/Alfred F. Jones, Denmark/Matthias Køhler, Hungary/Elizabeta Héderváry, Liechtenstein/Lili, Canada/Matthew Williams, or Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt. They all belong to the brilliant Hidekaz Himaruya.

I do not own you. You belong to yourself.

Any other characters mentioned in this were made up from my imagination and belong to no one.


I basically only own the plot.



Thank you so much to everybody who favourites and comments~!!! Heart

Thank you so much for reading, and have a beautiful day~!! :D (Big Grin)


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